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The Letter E is available for purchase in e-book and paperback formats via Booktopia, Book Depository, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all the other online bookstores. You can also order locally and support your favorite bookstore. 


You are not alone


I’m Claire. I’m a mum, wife, writer, and speaker. I strongly believe in the power of storytelling and sharing your own journey to help others.

Our eldest son Eliott was born with a very rare form of genetic epilepsy - caused by a de-novo mutation on his KCNQ2 gene. He is a gorgeous little boy who loves new adventures, loves being outside, to bake cakes, read books and listen to music, but he also struggles a lot with communication, concentration, and sensory issues.

When we started our parenting journey, we felt so lost (still do most of the time), and I wanted to share our story to help other young parents feel less alone.


I wrote a The Letter E to chronicle our family's journey of parenting a child with special needs.


This website is a place to share ideas and information about our journey.

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